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"Find Out How To Easily Make Your Halfmoon Betta   Fish Healthy, Colorful And Happily Swimming In His Tank With Gorgeous Finnage. Thinking Of Spawning These Beauties? Read On..."


Date: Sunday, July 08, 2007

From: Brandon Walter



Dear Betta Friend,



If you are passionate in keeping Halfmoon Betta Fish or planning to start this as a new hobby, this will probably be the most interesting and exciting message you'll come across today !



Why is this so?



I'm Brandon and I started this hobby of betta (Siamese Fighting Fish/ Betta Splendens) keeping since childhood just like most betta lovers, that's almost 20 years from now. Phew....its a long way since then. Along the way, I've had lots of failures and 'victories' in the betta world, both sad and happy, but the experience is definitely rewarding and enjoyable.



Just imagine coming back home from a stressful day's work and escaping the effect by enjoying the pleasant view of you 'mini aquarium' with your Halfmoon Betta Fish in it, swimming happily and flaring occasionally as it response to You, his owner's presence energetically with so much power and attitude. For me, It helps tremendously in stress-relief. That's why as a responsible owner, I strive to give my Halfmoon Betta Fish the best they can and rightfully get.



In fact throughout these years, I've done lots of extensive research on Betta Fish and Halfmoon Betta Fish including the origins of Betta Fish, Types of Betta Fish in different parts of the world, Proper selection of Betta Fish, Food in their natural habitat for adult and fry, Housing considerations,  Genetic makeup, Injury and sickness, Spawning and raising the young to beautiful adults and lots more.



All my experience comes from visiting and sharing information with Betta Fish hobbyist around the world via internet, emails, forums and personal visits. Other than that, I used to interview commercial and non-commercial breeders by sharing knowledge on Betta Fish. These includes visiting Betta farms and Tropical Fish farms in search for newer innovative ways to breed Bettas to enhance the quality or quantity of the strain, Latest breed of Bettas, what systems are breeders using and other Betta related topics. I also read lots of books and articles relating to Halfmoon Betta Fish, Betta Fish and Other tropical fishes. From here, I gain invaluable knowledge on the Halfmoon Betta fish's family -- Anabantidae or Belontiidae, that belongs to the same family as the Gouramis and the famous Paradise Fish. This made me become well aware of their special respiratory organs, nature and temperament, and also their spawning patterns. Lastly the most valuable first hand knowledge - Doing my own research and keeping bettas successfully for the past 20 years.









As I go along, let me point out a few things I encounter when keeping Halfmoon Betta Fish that inspires me to find out more and share about the topic:



--- Most fish books are general with the exception of a few betta books 

    that are general in Betta Fish that even includes wild betta. Till now,

    I've yet to come across a fish book specialized  in Halfmoon Betta Fish

    although I've look through all corners of almost all bookstores I've come




--- Most hobbyist keep only a few bettas and also other tropical fish, and

     their information are based on a more general tropical fish approach

     rather than betta specific, let alone Halfmoon Betta Fish. I've

     experimented with all their ways and found that hardly any of their

     suggestions work perfectly for Halfmoon Betta Fish, considering

     Halfmoon Betta Fish's more demanding nature and requires more care

     than general Betta keeping.



--- Breeders on the other hand will most of the time not reveal all their betta

     keeping secrets to others if you were to ask them. So you barely get half

     of what is true and effective in keeping and spawning Halfmoon Betta

     Fish. I've gone through this in the early stage and know it's costly and as

     time consuming as it is unfair for the passionate Halfmoon Betta Fish

     hobbyist like You. Therefore I promised to state the knowledge I know

     about Halfmoon Betta Fish throughout the years as clearly and 

     sincerely as I can convey.




So bit by bit I gathered the precious information by all kinds of sources and noted it down in my all together 11 betta log books. Finally I got excited with all of my Halfmoon Betta Fish information that I started typing it into my computer for better maintenance and reference. Then comes a brilliant idea to compile and summarize what I have gathered  into an ebook to share to all Halfmoon Betta Fish lovers like You, with the hope that this wonderful hobby will bring joy to more people be it beginners or experts. The result -   " Halfmoon Betta Fish Guide " was born.




" Isn't It time to feel a sense of certainty that the

      Halfmoon Betta Fish information given to

         you is going to work wonders for you

            and your beloved Halfmoons ? " 




Now let me share with you this humble yet informative Halfmoon Betta Fish compilation to end any uncertainty and shooting in the dark......




Proudly Presents:








 "Halfmoon Betta Fish Guide" - Your ultimate ebook

 to care and raise Beautiful and Healthy Halfmoon

 Betta Fishes successfully!




This is not another general fish hobby ebook you come across often or see on the shelf of your favorite book shop. It consist of practical, 'drilled-down' tips by performing endless researches and experiments by not only a few, but many experts around the world who share the same interest like you and me -- keeping Halfmoon Betta Fish.




To be certain that this is the Halfmoon Betta Fish Guide you've been looking for, here are some sneak peeks of the contents :










                     Halfmoon Betta Fish Guide - A practical, proven-to-work compilation of

                          110 pages of Halfmoon Betta Fish information in PDF format.




You'll find out the evolution of Betta species to achieve the perfect

     Halfmoon Betta Fish that you see nowadays.



How to avoid being con by Fish Shops or sellers simply claiming their

     long-finned betta fish a Halfmoon Betta Fish.



Today's Halfmoon Betta Fish show standards. Requirements and

     appearances that qualify as a true Halfmoon.



Simple yet effective tips for obtaining your first healthy, desease-free

     Halfmoon Betta Fish.



How to select the correct features that is a must, in Male and Female

     Halfmoon Betta Fishes.



The little known secrets on how environmental factors affect the

     Halfmoon Betta Fish.



The surprising tips on water changing and water chemistry.

     (i.e. Why some hobbyist have beautiful Halfmoons although they perform

     less frequent water changes compared to you!)



I'll help you know exactly what food betta take in the wild and also

    commercially, and how can we make use of these information to plan a

    nutritious and balanced diet for your Halfmoon Betta Fish.



How to become a responsible hobbyist and not just a Halfmoon Betta

     Fish owner, and how your Halfmoons respond to your care.



Don't only wonder on the beauty of your Halfmoon Betta Fish. Its your

     right to have the knowledge on the gorgeous finnage, color and pattern

     of your beloved pet. In here, step-by-step explanation on Halfmoon Betta

     Fish genetics are discussed clearly.



Before you spawn your Halfmoon Betta Fish, you need to visualize the

    outcome of the spawn including finnage and coloration. Many hobbyist

    fail to do this resulting in unwanted offspring and time wasted. I will help

    you understand on the pairing and maintaining of Halfmoon strains so

    that you won't end up disappointed if the outcome is not what you




 Answers to "Why some Halfmoon pairs just won't spawn ?", and how to

     select breeding pairs.



Explanations on why conditioning is crucial before breeding Halfmoon

     Betta Fish.



How to decide which spawning tank is best for you and your Halfmoon

     Betta Fish pair.



What to do to prepare the spawning tank. Discussions on the various

     tank setup, plants and deco.



One of the best way to estimate the spawning time of you Halfmoon

     Betta Fish pair.



Detailed information on the pre-spawning, the actual spawning ritual,

     and post-spawning of Halfmoon betta fish, and what you should and

     should not do.



How to take care of injured parents after spawning to enable them to get

     healthy and spawn again in the future.



Clear information on the caring of Halfmoon Betta Fish fry from the

     beginning, and why so many breeders and hobbyist lost their fry easily in

     the first week or so, and how to prevent it.



Find out why Halfmoon Betta Fish fry are unable to take almost all

     commercial and non-commercial food you can buy.



Types of fry food and simple formula in preparing baby food for your fry

     to ensure healthy growth. They just love it when I provide them with

     varieties of suitable baby food.



Find out the average growth rate for Halfmoon Betta Fish fry and

    evaluate yourself on how good you are doing.



How to determine the time to separate and jar young adults, and the

     effects of separating them too early and too late.



Have you ever mistaken a young female for a male and vice versa?

     Don't get panic, the reality is that all breeders go through this. Only with

     the correct information, tips and experience will you be more certain in

     sexing young Halfmoons. I will reveal in this ebook on how to save you

     time, effort and space.



The correct tank or jar for your Halfmoon Betta Fish. Exactly how is a

     round jar better than a square one and what advantage does glass have

     over plastics etc.



How long a Halfmoon Betta Fish can live? Is he old or is he sick?



Common and uncommon sickness, causes, remedies, and prevention.



Learn how to make DIY gadgets in caring for your Halfmoon Betta Fish.



A detailed Filtration System to host 90 adult Halfmoon Betta Fish. Full

     Pictured and elaboration included.



A lot more facts, tips and tricks to provide you and your Halfmoon Betta

     Fish the best there is.




       " Don't you want to start mastering the art

          of keeping Halfmoon Betta Fish easily,

                       quickly and effectively?"






Rest assured that this ebook is guaranteed to stir up the excitement in you if you are in love with Halfmoon Betta Fish because all the information and tips are practical, applicable and sincerely written.



Some comments by other Halfmoon Betta Fish lovers (now friends, as I strongly believe  in all hobbies, Sharing Of Information and Making Friends along the road will enable you to go a long way)  that have viewed the " Halfmoon Betta Fish Guide"  :




Dear Friend,

Now I am able to spawn and raise my HM beta successfully, owing to your HM beta guide! Its been almost a month now and the fries are very healthy.  My previous spawns are mostly unsuccessful or only a few eggs are fertilized. This is my first time success and I'm overjoyed by the outcome.

Your guide helped me a lot in ensuring everything is in the right place and by following the steps, I'm a lot more confident in spawning, I would sure recommend this guide to any beta hobbyist.

Thank you

Winzy J. Dorlina



Dear Brandon,

I doubted your book at first when my son downloaded it. A glance at the cover makes me think its just another betta book with general information. After having read it, I found lots of tips on Halfmoon Betta Fish that I myself wanted to know. I had to congratulate you on your book and effort in finding those valuable tips. As I'm a hobbyist/part time breeder myself, I realized its those small things that you've stressed to make your book as complete as possible that take into account, will make your Halfmoon Betta Fish stand out from others.

Besides that, what I found most interesting in your book that make it obviously different from others, is the chapter in creating an Automated System for rearing adult Halfmoon Betta Fish.

Your book is by far one of the most outstanding compilation on Halfmoon Betta Fish I've ever seen.


Frank Ross, Au



Dear Brandon,

Thanks for including all the tips possible in keeping Halfmoon Betta    Fish. I've learnt a lot from your book. As I'm a beginner, I find your  book easy to read and when everytime I'm in doubt, there's sure an elaboration or a picture to give me a clearer view on the specific topic. Keep up the good work.

Best Regards, 

Joe Wallace



Hi Brandon,

After reading your Halfmoon ebook, I found out what's wrong with my Halfmoon Betta fishes that are not active, colorless and lost appetite without any obvious sickness symptoms despite trying all kinds of fish medicine from various fish shops. I  applied your method and in 2 weeks, all of my 8 halfmoon fishes becomes as healthy as ever. I may  consider to spawn them soon since the steps are clearly included in your ebook as well as curing for sick bettas. Thank you and I'm happy having your ebook as  a detail guide for my Halfmoon Bettas.

Have a nice day,


Daniel Lee





As the tips and information in this ebook are tested and proven to be first rate, you will definitely see some difference in your Halfmoon Betta Fish in a few weeks time if you use the details in the ebook as a guideline, whether you wish to enhance the health of your Halfmoon, raising fry successfully, or even general caring.



As you know, this ebook creation involved countless hours of time, effort, patient and lastly lots of love for Halfmoon Betta Fish let alone my cost. This is to ensure that this ebook is packed with full of valuable, practical, sincere, precious and easy-to-understand tips that promises to deliver nothing but the best for you and your Halfmoon Betta Fish.



On my part I've done whatever possible to come out with this 'such a fine' ebook. So if I'm willing to share all my Halfmoon Betta Fish information and experiences with you, are you willing to contribute or donate just a small fraction of my investment as a token of appreciation?



If you are out searching for these useful tips on your own, you might end up spending lots of time - months or even years to gather all of them. So as to think smart, why not save that amount of time and use it to admire and have a good time enjoying with your lovely Halfmoon Betta Fish? You may think that there are other options like going to the book shop and purchase some books and magazines. You can, but this is what that's done by me years ago till now, and I know choosing the right book and filtering the right information is a tedious task, and moreover the money you spend on these printed material can easily surpass $100 in the first month alone. And I believe these books are not concentrating 100% on Halfmoon Betta Fish, but just a general topic on bettas or tropical fish.



Now as you intelligently understood the unbeatable advantage in owning this ebook, how about contributing a mere  $31.90 to help you get started on finding all these tips and secrets?



Yes its true, just for only  $31.90, you'll be able to own yourself the Halfmoon Betta Fish Guide.







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Why is this so? As you know this is published and accessed through the Internet for information sharing, therefore I have little to none on inventory and handling costs. I don't need to hire someone to answer phone orders, prepare documents, and delivery. All this savings will be passed on accordingly to you just because you are passionate about Halfmoon Betta Fish like me myself! In other words we both win.



Next, as I've always stressed, a hobby is as simple as "information sharing and meeting friends that share the same interest". I really want to share my knowledge with you and let your Halfmoon Betta fish get the best out of this ebook. As so to let you enjoy the benefits as soon as possible, I'm willing to give you the special offer at only $15.95, to consider that many hobbyists start at an early age when they are still schooling, so I try to lower the price so that many more Halfmoon lovers out there can get a copy of it be it working adults or young hobbyists. For me, the amount is something like what you pay for having lunch or purchasing fish medicines when your beloved Halfmoon Betta Fish is sick due to improper caring.



Finally, after you had gone through the ebook and I trust that it will sure advantage you in many ways, I would like to have your precious feedback and testimonial as to keep track of the perception of the ebook by fellow hobbyists and also to use it for my publicity.



You can easily download the ebook and have a good time with your Halfmoon Betta Fish.



And because I'm ready to offer you everything I can, I'm going to provide you with a :



45-Day  Money  Back  Guarantee!



Because I am confident that you will find my unique tips interesting and useful, I'm prepared to give you a no-question-asked, 100% full-refund, 45-day Money back guarantee.


If at any time within 45 days of the purchase date, you feel that the Halfmoon Betta Guide is not for you, just pop me an e-mail requiring a refund. And you can keep the ebook as a token of appreciation of your time from me.


I know you'll intelligently agree with me that $15.95 is worth your contribution to get all those valuable Halfmoon tips while other people easily spend hundreds to obtain them through time consuming methods.


Is that an opportunity you cannot miss? My guess is that you will reply with a confident 'YES', unless you never known of this page! Because I'm willing to put all the risk on me, I really could not see any possibility that you can lose.


You owe it to yourself for having this Great hobby of Halfmoon Betta Fish keeping. And now, you can be absolutely certain you are going to give your hobby nothing but the best by clicking on the purchase link below to contribute $15.95 :










Warmest Regards,


A Halfmoon Betta Fish Lover.



P.S. After applying the unrevealed tips in this ebook, you will be amazed at

        how simple and easy it is to care for your Halfmoon Betta Fish to make

        it more beautiful, active, showing off its traits, and living healthily and

        happily. By any chance you find the guide not suitable for you, you are

        entitled for the 100% money back guarantee for the next 45 days.

Copyright (C) 2005, Brandon Walter,