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The objective of is to serve as a repository of useful questions and accurate answers on all aspect of keeping bettas. This idea came about when we were just starting out to be serious in this hobby of keeping bettas, and realize that all our effort spent researching for related information cannot be leverage easily without a central repository. Therefore, is designed to be a tool; open, interactive, and hopefully user-friendly. You can view this website as a big note-pad, diary, or bookmark to concise and useful betta information. In fact, every answer has a unique URL where you can easily point someone else directly to it - for example to show others the answer found here on this betta forum. Enjoy BubbleNest for your Betta!
  • Beginners: Betta Lover's Guide - Learn how to make your betta into the most cared-for, happy, and safe fish in the world.
  • Intermediate: Halfmoon Betta Guide - Find Out How To Easily Make Your Halfmoon Betta Fish Healthy, Colorful And Happily Swimming In His Tank With Gorgeous Finnage.
  • Intermediate: Restoring Betta's Health - Amazing, Step-by-Step System for Restoring Your Betta's Health and Energy!
  • Advanced: Breeding Betta - Learn How To Breed And Care For Your Bettas. Learn For Fun Or For Profit!
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